Who we are

At Vegasinho LTD, we are growth enthusiasts and optimization nerds. We offer marketers of E-Commerce products state-of-the-art digital advertising solutions that are proven to drive ROI. We are able to deliver a competitive ROI on your advertising campaign across all industries. Think of Vegasinho LTD as the TESLA of the digital advertising space.

What we do

We focus on all channels that drive growth on digital entertainment platforms, focusing on programmatic advertising campaigns in the form of display, video, audio and even digital out of home.

Customer Acquisition

We constantly optimize our approach to acquire new customers more efficiently and to only reach users that show distinct interest in your product. We ptimize frequencies across inventory and deliver the proper message in the right context.




Customer Activation

Vegasinho LTD exploits the full customer potential with the right messaging. We focus the advertising campaigns on users, that are valuable customers with a proven intent and an auspicious buying history.

Customer Insight

Vegasinho LTD is not limited by the boundaries of traditional market research conducted after a campaign, but anticipates the behavior of your future customers, prior to a campaign. We use these insights to execute your advertising campaign with the highest possible efficiency.

Data Marketing Platforms

There is not a single digital platform that serves best for all E-Commerce marketing purposes. Vegasinho LTD pushes your campaigns without limitations in technology and data. With us, you will profit from the best set-up you can get for your product. We find the right combination of platforms for you!


Vegasinho Ltd.

48 Stella Maris Street
Sliema, SLM 1765, Malta

Company Registration No.:
C 80165